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What we do

Utilizing your data we give you a clear direction of actions. In order to do that, we are using easy-to-use dashboards and most importantly easy-to-understand information about your business

We are focusing on two areas. The first is data visualization about your marketing performance and the second one is health-check reporting
Not convinced yet?  Fair enough. Tell us what is your biggest digital analysis struggle and if you are not satisfied with our recommendations, you pay absolutely nothing. No credit cards, no contracts.

Why now


We know how complex an analysis can be for your business.


You have no time to go deeper and in most cases, you do not know how to do it. 


Therefore, we have built dashboards pointing out where your focus should be. From day-to-day check to a more complex analysis we got you covered. 

Why us

My Digital Lab is not another digital marketing agency. Partnering with us means:

 You know specifically what are the main issues of your Google Analytics using our health-check tool. 

 You are able to have a quick understanding of your day-to-day-performance.

→ You are able to understand which marketing channel is bringing higher value to your business.

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