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Ecommerce Performance

On this post, we are explaining how to get instant answers on some of the most crucial questions related to your e-commerce performance. Our E-commerce Performance dashboard, build on Google data studio, automatically reports on sales trends, user experience, brand and product performance, no manual setup needed.

How is the sales trend?

Revenue is one of the most critical metrics. But how sales are performing per channel? Are paid channels delivering more revenue than owned channels? These questions are important not only for digital marketing managers but also for business owners since you can take decisions based on your profitability per channel.

With the E-commerce Performance, offered by MyDigitaLab, you can have a graph view of your sales trend for any given period. Highlight with your mouse the period of the time you want to focus. There are also two distinctive lines—one for the product revenue and the other for the unique purchases. Choose among different channels, devices, countries and user type.

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How is your user's experience from product view to the transaction?

One of the most exciting features of Google Analytics is the ability to view behavior funnels. User experience funnel is very helpful to quickly identify gaps in the shopping and purchasing experience in your E-commerce store, showing where customers enter and leave the shopping processes.

Use the second part of the E-commerce Overview in your advanced account to answer this crucial question. There, you can explore the drop rate from all sessions to sessions with products views, sessions with checkouts and successful transactions. Also, you can dig further to identify gaps per channel, device and user type.

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What are the most popular Brands & Products?

One of the most valuable commercial insight is which are the top-selling products and brands. Comparing the results of this analysis, you may identify that the top three products are the same for paid and owned channels. Since you manage to sell these products through owned channels, you can leverage this insight and allocate a marketing budget to other products.

With the last section of the E-commerce Performance of MyDigitaLab Dashboards, you can have a chart view of your unique purchases, product revenue, avg price and Buy-to-Detail Rate for any given period. There are also two distinctive lines—one for product revenue and the other for unique purchases. Apply filtering to understand which are the most popular products and brands among different channels, devices and countries and user type.

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