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Email Performance, using Data Studio

Email is a crucial marketing channel for many businesses across the globe and most importantly is free. As CPCs and CPMs are exploding, marketeers and business owners are looking for alternative ways to promote their businesses. Newsletter campaigns have become complicated over the years mainly due to the number of Emails received and the overall competitive landscape. According to Radicati, there will be more than 4 billion active email users in 2020, while an American worker might receive  on average 126 emails a day. That being said, if you want to turn this channel to a profitable one and leverage the existing clients you need to be able to firstly understand what is your current performance, spot trends and finally apply changes on your Email approach.

For that reason, we have created a Data studio Dashboard which will help you understand the main aspects of your Newsletter performance. Compare Year of Year or with the previous period, get the top performing campaigns, but also measure the revenue impact by simply navigating to the Email Performance section of your Advanced MyDigitaLab Account. Following we are demonstrating the main features of your Email performance dashboard.

How does the email channel perform in terms of traffic and engagement?

We want you to be able to have a quick overview of performance both in terms of traffic and engagement. This will help you understand trends easily and assist you in your decision making process. In this section, you can choose among 4 main metrics: Sessions, New sessions, Pages / session and bounce rate.

The graph is showing you the performance based on your date selection. You can have a view of day-by-day performance, week-over-week or month-over-month. On top, you are able to spot differences compared to the previous period or previous year.

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How much revenue is generated through Email Campaigns?

The next section is most probably the section that you will spend the most time on. There, you can see the revenue impact of your Email campaigns. What was the avg order value, the number of transactions, the revenue and the conversion rate of your Email campaigns. Similarly to the graph above, you can have these data into different time breakdowns such as day, week and month. Compare easily with the previous period and understand what worked better.

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What are the top email campaigns?

The last section is a breakdown of your Email campaigns for any given period of time. We combine the most important information for your daily check. You can see how your top email campaigns performed in terms of traffic but also in terms of revenue. The graph of this section is displaying two main metrics (default view), sessions and conversion rate but you can choose up to 5 metrics by the drop-down menu.

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