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How to create a Free Heat Map Tool

What is a Heat Map?

Heat Map is an amazing way to discover what your users are clicking and how they are navigating on your website. Especially, if you have many elements (like buttons) on your website, a heat map solution should be part of your toolset.

There are many Heat Map tools and the most popular are Hotjar and CrazyEgg. But hey! Why pay when you can have a heat map tool for FREE. Exactly!

Heat Map using Google Analytics and Google Data Studio

Using your Google Analytics account and another tool, offered by Google, called Google data Studio and of course, with our help, you can create your own Heat Map tool that will give you a deep understanding of your users and how they are interacting with the different elements of your website.

With this Free Heat Map tool, you will not only be able to see which elements of your website, users clicked on but also you will be able to have an overview by source, country and type of visitor (new and returning).

At My Digital Lab we believe in data diversity. Thus, we have created an insights section where we are highlighting the most important elements of your content grouping.

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