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How to use Google Data Studio to monitor Google Ads Performance?

Latest research results indicate that one out of three product or service views started with a google search. Google Ads is one of the preferable marketing channels for all kind of businesses. Monitoring and reporting Google Ads campaigns is a major challenge for business owners. Usually, you assign this task to an expert who is either an in-house employee or a digital agency. Even if you don't understand all metrics about Google Ads, you still need answers about the most crucial metrics, such as conversion rate, return on ad spend (ROAS), cost per conversion etc. We have created a simplified dashboard, including all essential metrics a business owner needs to monitor regularly Google Ads campaigns.

How do Google Ads perform?

The first subcategory is a quick overview of your performance. There, you have five of the most crucial Google Ads metrics: Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Conversions and Conversion Rate. Compare YoY and with the previous period. Utilising this dashboard will help you to answer some of the following questions. Will budget increase affect campaigns conversion rate? Is there a correlation between CTR and conversions? How seasonality affects campaigns' performance?

The above graph will help you better understand how your Google Ads perform on a daily or monthly basis. Also, you can apply multiple filters such as campaign type, device, campaigns and ad groups to dig further on your ad account performance.

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How much is the spend and return on investment on Google Ads?

This section is dedicated to your spend and return on investment on your Google ads. There four main metrics Cost, Avg. CPC, Cost/conversion and ROAS to answer some of the most critical business questions. For example, monitoring your Avg. CPC compared to previous year will help you to understand how competition affects your account performance. Also, if you decide to rise Google Ads budget, you need to monitor your cost per conversion closer to make sure that this metric will not be increased. In addition, you can use cost per conversion as a benchmark to understand if transactions that generated through this channel are profitable. For example, if your average order value is 40$ and your net profit is 4$ then your cost per conversion should not be higher.

What are the top-performing Google Ads campaigns?

Here, we are displaying the top performing Google Ads campaigns in terms of conversions. Answer questions like what was the spend for my top campaigns, how many transactions did I get, what was the conversion rate, the cost/conversion rate or the ROAS while you can easily see the Year-over-year difference.

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Google ads campaign monitoring is a tricky task. Utilising our ready to use dashboard will help you to:

  • Maximising conversions: Once you know how cost per coversion and ROAS are performing, you will be able to allocate marketing budget across campaigns better; thus, you will maximise your conversions.

  • Maximising profits: Comparing your net profit per transaction or goal against cost per conversion will help you to focus on maximising profit. As long as your cost per conversion is lower than average net profit per transaction/goal, you can safely increase your marketing budget and be sure that your Google Ads is still a profitable channel.

  • Increase brand awareness: a less common but equally worthwhile goal is to run a Google Ads campaign to increase brand awareness. Utilising different type of campaigns such as display, video, shopping etc. will help you enhance brand awareness. Utilise our dashboard to gain insights into how your business awareness is performing compared to the previous period or year.

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