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Marketing Reporting: Become more efficient with Data Studio

Google Analytics remains a massive challenge for most digital marketers, not to mention business owners. It requires not only a good understanding of digital marketing principles but also an in-depth knowledge of business analytics. You may feel lucky since your team covers both requirements but still, you are facing a few more challenges. How to be productive and accurate when you have to prepare and maintain a report with multiple dimensions?

An insightful and meaningful marketing report requires the following elements:

  • Gather data from different sources

  • Clean and organise data

  • Analyse and get actionable insights

In this article, we will answer how to be more productive by utilising Google Data Studio to solve your business questions.

What is Google Data Studio?

An alternative solution to reporting.

E-commerce businesses need to monitor important metrics daily but also need to prepare weekly and monthly reports to make sure that their marketing strategy meets their business goals. Through this process, marketing teams can identify gaps and optimise their performance.

Google Data Studio provides everything you need to turn your analytics data into easy-to-use dashboards and most importantly, easy-to-understand reports through highly customizable dashboards.

Sales & Shopping Behavior Report

Example: As a manager of an online store, you noticed that while your total monthly traffic is growing your online sales do not follow the same trend. What you need to understand is the shopping behaviour of users who visited your website.

Some other questions you need to take into consideration:

  • Are there any differences between users from different channels

  • Does the user's behaviour remain the same compared to different devices

  • How returning visitors behave compared to first-time visitors

  • Does location (country/region) plays a significant role in user behaviour

Challenges with Google Analytics Reporting

To answer these questions, your team needs to prepare multiple reports, since Google Analytics allows you to combine data only from two different dimensions (e.g. channel and user type). Also, the whole task has to run again if you need to evaluate performance over a given period. Let’s assume that your team has the skills to execute this report; they have also to spend several hours to update the dates and conduct the updated report.

Benefits of utilising the Data Studio Report

The sales & shopping behaviour dashboard displays data regarding online sales performance and shopping funnel behaviour. Utilising this ready-to-use dashboard, you can easily understand how users are interacting with your products until the transaction. Also, you get a detailed analysis of sales trends and user's experience.

This kind of information is not provided by default through Google Analytics. You have to do manual work to drill down by applying multiple dimensions (e.g. channel, device, user type, location). Utilising this dashboard through Google Data Studio, you can use four different filters and get insights instantly!

Final thoughts: Using your Google Analytics account and our ready-to-use free dashboard, you will have answers for your users' behaviour and how they interact with your website and products. Instead of wasting your time to export multiple reports, updating date ranges and applying multiple filters, you have to focus on what matters the most. Fixing areas where you identify gaps in your customer’s experience. There are dozens of business questions that should be answered to grow your business. Resources are not countless, and you have to spend your time wisely. Start using ready-to-use dashboards for reporting, optimise your time and increase your team’s productivity.