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Organic Search Performance Using Data Studio

Organic is a valuable marketing channel and frankly speaking a free one. Although organic traffic might be in your top 5 sources of traffic, it tends to be complicated. Within the last years, organic performance got complex and there are few challenging areas when it comes to optimizing organic channel’s performance.

We have created the most linear Google Data studio dashboard for your Organic performance, utilizing not only Google Analytics data but also Search console’s data. This Organic performance Data studio dashboard is designed for business owners that want to have a quick overview of Organic performance and the business impact of the channel.

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How does the Branded Organic Search perform against Generic?

The first section of your Organic dashboard, is an overview of generic organic versus organic brand. Most probably, you already familiar with this challenge but just to make sure, we will give the definitions. Let’s assume that you are running Asos. You are receiving daily big amount of organic traffic that belongs to two different categories, the generic organic and the brand organic.

For our example, if a query contains your brand, it should be considered as branded organic. For example the query “Asos nike” has a different value for your business compared to the query “Nike shoes sales”.

This differentiation brings a lot of implications, something this it is not easily reported via Google analytics. That said, the first section of your dashboard highlights this difference. You are able to see various metrics, such as sessions, impressions, clicks and most importantly goal completions according to this breakdown. In this section you are able to have an overview of Generic versus Branded organic performance for any given period but also you have a table with the data, where you can easily see the impact on your business.

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What is your users' behavior on Google Organic Search?

Undoubtedly, Google represents the vast majority of organic traffic. Thus, we have created the next section in you account, dedicated to Google organic performance. Impressions, clicks, CTR and Average positions should be your key metrics for organic performance. Below, there is a graph representing your performance for any of those metrics.

What are the top performing Branded & Generic Keywords?

We know the struggle. Sometimes you need to deep dive into specifics without logging in to multiple tools and platforms. We got your back. With the next part of our newly developed data studio dashboard, you have the top performing keywords for both Generic and Branded keywords. Navigate through the table and discover patterns and opportunities. Maybe at this point you want to connect your marketing activities by investing or allocating budget to keywords that they are weak in organic.

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