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The Business Impact Of Social Media Analytics

What is Social Media Analytics?

The adoption of social media creates enormous amounts of information daily, including consumer opinions, experiences and preferences towards brands, products and services that are potential of great value to the business. Social media analytics (SMA) is an emerging capability that provides businesses with the ability to analyse and interpret large amounts of content to determine the attitudes and behaviours of people. SMA provides companies with insights into customer values, marketing campaigns and new product and service opportunities. These insights offer worthy input to decision-makers and can influence decisions on marketing campaigns. In this post, we gather the most popular SMA platforms and explain how they can bring benefits to your business.

Why Social Media Analytics are essential for businesses:

  • Provide customer insights: The necessity to have an in-depth knowledge of customer values, preferences, behaviours.

  • Develop your strategy and initiatives: The need to conduct a solid plan, including marketing campaigns.

  • Collect new ideas about your products or services: The need to gather new insights to develop your product.

  • Determine the performance of online campaigns: The need to measure the return on investment (ROI) and the effectiveness of online marketing initiatives.

Most Popular Social Media Analytics

Youtube Analytics

Getting to know YouTube analytics is crucial if you want to make the most of your YouTube channel. YouTube Analytics lets you retrieve data to automate reporting tasks and build custom dashboards. Also, provide an in-depth offering for you to understand the video performance and audience demographics. You can analyse the overall channel traffic over time to see how you are performing against yourself historically as well. This task is an excellent way to spot any peaks and seasonality you may want to incorporate into your ongoing strategy. Finally, there is the option to look at your top-performing videos, whether it is by views or view duration.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics is a robust tool that allows marketers to explore users' interactions with advanced goal paths and sales funnels for Facebook ads. It is packed full of insights and data that can assist you in getting the most from the social network. What you need to take into consideration is the formulation of a structured strategy that connects your social media efforts with your real business goals. Analytics gives you tons of valuable information that can help you track and measure your results so you can improve your strategy and measure your return on investment. Facebook analytics utilises advanced machine learning capabilities to display primary insights, such as which audiences are most engaging with or converting from your content.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics help you understand how the the shared content in this medium grows your business. Designing your Twitter content strategy for maximum exposure and engagement is a severe task, even for the most experienced marketers. Fortunately, there is data available that can help in the planning process, providing valuable insight into your account, your followers, and the Twitter community as a whole. Twitter analytics includes information that can help you create meaningful content that will resonate with your target audience. The utilisation of this platform enables you to conduct audience research as you grow your brand and your following. In addition to core demographic categories, Twitter analytics gives you information about your follower interests, what devices they use, their behaviour, and the keywords they search.

Instagram Analytics

Owing to a business account on Instagram, you have access to Instagram Insights. The Insights tool presents which of your posts are most popular, your account's impressions and reach. Analysing such data, you will increase your engagement, optimise your stories and drive more traffic to your website. Additionally, you can compare your original post with a promoted version of the post to understand if your paid efforts are working. Some of the essential Instagram metrics to track are Follower growth, Audience demographics, Website clicks, Reach and Engagement rate. Looking at your Instagram analytics is one of the best ways to identify failures and successes on your content. By reviewing them frequently, you can get useful feedback to help you improve your social media strategy.

Linkedin Analytics

Get demographic insights and real-time data on your campaign performance from the world’s largest professional network. Gain insight into the performance of your LinkedIn Page with rich analytics that measures trends across metrics and time periods. Linkedin Analytics is available for Page admins. Through Linkedin Analytics, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your updates, including posted videos. Also, you will gain a deeper understanding of the demographics and sources of your followers and visitors. Moreover, you can measure conversions, by utilising conversion tracking to understand how your ads are driving business results, like generating leads, purchases, and event registrations. Finally, you can compare metrics, like clicks, impressions, and social actions, to learn which campaigns and ad creatives are most effective.

Social Media Analytics Reporting Benefits

SMA has been widely used in e-commerce, to achieve influence and improved custom analysis and interpretation of data to determine opinions and sentiments towards products, brands and marketing campaigns. Several benefits may be listed, such as the ability to create and refine marketing strategies, initiatives and channels to deliver messages to targeted customers effectively. SMA business benefits include customer-related performance (including customer satisfaction and product and service performance), financial and market value (including revenue, profits, and reduced costs), and overall organisational effectiveness. A strong capability for any organisation is to demonstrate proficiency in valuing SMA-driven initiatives using all three types of measures (perceptual, behavioural and financial).

  • Marketing strategy improvement: Create and refine marketing strategies, initiatives and channels to effectively deliver messages to targeted customers

  • Better customer engagement: Provide two ways of communication with targeted customers, based on their values and preferred channels.

  • Social media metrics development: Develop instruments for measuring the effectiveness and ROI of social media initiatives.

  • Business process improvement: Improve and optimise decision-making processes, business operations and optimise the value chain.

  • New business opportunities: Ongoing monitoring of emerging opportunities to generate more revenue.

Investing in integrating data from different social media analytics platforms allows you to remove manual work involved in deriving insights. Do not let critical paid insights get lost in communication between agencies or internal teams. Gather all your efforts together to have a clear understanding of your performance by utilising our ready-to-use dashboards.