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Website Performance

We found the most crucial business questions and today we are answering these questions with the help of our newly developed Dashboards, using the Google Data studio solutions.

How much traffic does my website get from each channel?

It is essential to track daily visits of your online store. Monitoring visits per channel allows you to detect fluctuations that may arise. These fluctuations regularly indicate hidden opportunities or threats about channel performance. For example, monitoring visits from the direct channel, you may notice a month over month decrease. You realize that the number of loyal customers visiting the online store is declining, so you need to re-adjust your marketing strategy to win the lost clientele.

With the Website Overview of MyDigitaLab Dashboards, you are able to have a graph view of your website traffic for any given period of time. Highlight with your mouse the period of the time you want to focus. There are also two distinctive lines. One for All Users and the other one for % of New Users. Choose among different channels, devices and countries.

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Are the users of my website more engaged compared to the previous month?

Another important metric you should monitor is the engagement rate on the website. Analysing the engagement rate per device or channel, you can quickly identify deviations in user behavior. For example, you notice that mobile users have a higher bounce rate compared to desktop users. When it comes to paid traffic, this information is crucial. Why? If the vast majority of your paid traffic use their mobile phone and bounce rate is too high, then you need to optimize your campaigns immediately.

Use the second section of the Website Overview in your MyDigitaLab account to answer this crucial question. There, you can explore the engagement of users with the content of your website. To do that, we are using four main metrics (Pages / User, Pages / Session, Avg Session Duration and Bounce Rate). You are able to choose one (or more) metrics from above and also you can have a day-to-day view or week-by-week view of your performance.

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How many key actions are completed on my website?

Google Analytics goals help you to measure how well your website meets target objectives. But do you know the most valuable website actions and conversions for your business?

For example, the goals for a product page is often to encourage visitors to complete transactions or submit a form. It is essential to monitor such actions on your site frequently to identify possible fluctuations on your goals' conversion rate.

With the last section of the Website Overview in your MyDigitaLab account, you are able to track performance of your Google Analytics goals easily and efficiently. Have a quick snapshot of your performance compared to the previous period but also compared to the previous year.

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