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What is your Customer's journey on your website?

Wouldn't it be nice to know from which marketing channels your customers came from, combined with other attributes like devices, demographics and then have a deeper understanding, how your customers navigated from that point? For example, what was the percentage of your returning customers from mobile devices that successfully completed a purchase. Moreover, what are the steps on your checkout funnel that these customers dropped down.

We have a solution for you. With our Customer Journey Map Dashboard you can navigate among 4 main attributes and see real-time how your users navigated through the different steps of your website. All-in-one using the power of Google Data studio.

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At the same time you are able to see the percentage of sessions that these attributes hold so you can prioritize on the most important ones.

Based on the selected data attributes (channel, user type, gender - age and country) you can have an understanding of your performance from the point of entry (Visit) until the final step (transaction). Identify where the biggest drop rate is and dive deeper. If the drop rate in Product View is significantly higher from “Mobile Organic New users” for example, implement a popup offering a discount or add a remind-me element on this step. Maybe your Email Campaign is performing amazingly well for Desktop female users but poorly for Desktop male users. Try to optimize your Email Campaigns and grow your business faster.

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