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What is your Site Speed performance?

We have created a Site Speed Dashboard using Google Data studio. With the Site Speed dashboard created by MyDigitaLab you will be able to have a quick overview of your site speed performance easily with only a few clicks. Furthermore, you will be able to spot trends, dive deeper into different operating systems and browsers but also you will have the top performing and worst performing pages. Simply, navigate to the last section of your advanced account and get meaningful insights.

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How fast is your website (in seconds)?

On this section, the main metric is the average load time (in seconds) of your website. You can have a day-by-day, week-over-week or month-over-month view. This gives you a good understanding of your overall speed performance. On top, we have added 5 main metrics related to your site speed performance. Page Load time, Domain lookup, server connection, server response and page load time. No need to go back and compare. This section will compare for you, the performance with the previous year.

What devices / browsers / OS affect the load time of your site?

The next section in your Site speed performance dashboard is dedicated to different devices, browsers and operating systems. By default, you have a view of overall performance of the average page load time of your website between desktop and mobile devices. We have also included the number of pageviews so you can have an understanding of the most impactful devices.

Below the bar chart, you will see a breakdown of device categories but also we have added the most crucial metrics. Page views, the Average page load time in seconds, and bounce rate. These metrics come with year over year comparison. Feel free to start using the feature on the top left side of the section to get insights for different operating systems and browsers.

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What are the high & low performing pages in terms of speed?

The next section separates the best and the worst performing pages of your website in terms of page load time. By visiting this section of your MyDigiLab advanced account you are able to know what those pages are.

There are two parts to this section. The first one is the high & low performing pages in terms of speed. There, you will find pages loading faster than 3 seconds and low performing pages loading in more than 3 seconds. We have also included the pageviews so you know what will be more impactful for your business and where to prioritize.

The next part is the “What is the load time for bounced vs non bounced visits?”

It is essential for you to have this information. It shows clearly how your users behaved on your website with regards to the load time. You can see for example what was the average time of page load time for users that did not bounce versus the users that bounced. This is critical for your website performance.

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